Don't Fall For Me

by Magic Moments

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released April 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Magic Moments Oslo, Norway

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Track Name: Devour
Her reddish lips filled with the most tender juices
Her voluptous intensity devours the naked eye
Forever roaming, haunting your every thought

Let her live by your hand
Let her die all alone.

Submit yourself to her ghoulish flesh
Drench yourself in her overflowing nectar.
Track Name: Amovre
Just pretend I wasn't here
Unbearable was all it was
And still these scars won't heal
Waiting for the day that I'll have none
I tried my hardest to never let you down
Yet till this day it's hard for you to see
That I was what you will never be
Don't Fall For Me
These wounds just won't heal
I won't fall for you
I won't stop until you do
Track Name: Void
Worship the naked shadows
That embracefully turn into one
Let the moaning and panting guide you to eternal bliss
Give in, the concept of lust will never be the same
Don't detain or refrain
From every spastic shiver
That deliver joyous intensity
To an ever frail body
Penetrate the empty void
Fulfill,with passion
Ravage every part of each other's body
Refuse the aftermath
This god forsaken act was made to never end.
Track Name: Lust
Walk through the night
Feel the touch
Let her envelop you
Your body to her
All as one
This euphoric moment arise
For a being that sleeps below
This is the time of our lives
Sharing the kiss with the damned
Join me through this night
As I find the beauty in life
Give in to sin, my love
Immorality has no place here
For what we share is real
A damning kiss to end this urge